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If you'd like to see your site highly ranked on the top search
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Secret #1 - Discover precisely how to choose the optimal keywords
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Effective Keywords

Secret #2 - Learn why link popularity is such a critical ranking
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following a few simple strategies. These simple, yet highly
effective strategies are revealed here:

Link Popularity

Secret #3 - Discover the 10 most common search engine
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drop you from the top rankings). You may be doing something right
now that is seriously hurting your rankings - and you may not
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The top10mistakes

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What can you expect from our packages?

1. We create a new domain for you which will be owned by us. We then optimize this domain for the search engines and link it to your site so that it receives the benefits of increased traffic.

2. We will set up a free account for you at an independent, 3rd party link tracking service, which will enable you to keep track of the number of visitors we are sending to your site.

3. We will set up a free account for you at an independent, 3rd party traffic analysis service, allowing you to keep track of the keywords people are using to find the new domain in the search engines.

4. For each keyword that has been finalized, we will create a page designed to pull top rankings in all the search engines for that keyword. All these pages will be linked to your site, enabling visitors from the search engines to visit your site after they have arrived at these pages.

The site we create for you will contain several search engine optimized pages, each page designed to get top rankings in the search engines for a particular keyword. The pages will contain a logo of your site at the top, followed by about 250 - 300 words of content describing your Web business along with some links to your site. Each page will have the same background color as the one used in your site.

5. We upload the pages and submit them to search engines such as:

AltaVista, AOL, Fast, Google, HotBot, IWon, Lycos, MSN, Netscape, Open Directory, Yahoo! 

6. We charge a flat rate of only 5 cents for every unique visitor you receive from our Pay Per Click service. You can make an initial advance payment of $500 which will entitle you to 10,000 unique visitors. Once you have received 10,000 unique visitors, you may choose to renew your service.

7. If at any time you are dissatisfied with the number of unique visitors you receive, or any other aspect of our pay per click package, you are guaranteed a refund of your existing balance.

For more detailed answers on the steps we follow to execute your Pay Per Click project 
click here

So, what is this "unique visitor" we keep talking about?

When you order our Pay Per Click Package, you are charged by unique visitor rather than by each click on your site. This system allows you to maximize the amount of clicks you can generate with your Pay Per Click package.

How 1stSearchRanking.com helps you use Pay Per Click Promotion to YOUR advantage (and save much money!)

Here's an example to demonstrate how our Pay Per Click Package will save you money:

Most Internet shoppers do not buy from the first site they visit, no matter how good the deal is. The Internet makes shopping around so easy that an Internet shopper can literally investigate dozens of online businesses in a single hour.

Let's say a visitor goes to your site first. They click on your site, they like what they see, but still… they want to look around just a little bit more. After checking out a few other sites, they make the right decision and decide they want to buy from you! So they return to your site and place an order with you. And guess what? This same visitor may do this over and over again, which could end up costing you much more than they are worth!

Fortunately with 1stSearchRanking.com, you are charged only 5 cents per visitor one single time, no matter how many times the same visitor clicks on your site. We feel that this is only fair.

You can rest assured that our system of deducting only 5 cents per unique visitor, regardless of how many times that visitor clicks on your site, will allow you to maximize the number of targeted visitors you receive through our Pay Per Click service.

This is just one of the many ways 1stSearchRanking.com's Pay Per Click Package offers you huge advertising value. 
There are NO hidden costs at all!

You Get 100% Guaranteed Results

We are 100% committed to your satisfaction, and we want you to know something unique about this special service:

 We GUARANTEE your results will be exactly what we promised, or we will issue a refund of the amount that is currently in balance. Sounds fair?

You simply cannot lose.

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You get a web copywriting consultation (worth $97!) as a 
FREE bonus for ordering our services.

Order our Pay Per Click Package today and start receiving your first 10,000 targeted visitors.

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Best of Luck and may God bless you!!

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